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AS Radiography

The mission of the Associate of Science in Radiography program is to provide undergraduate students with academic and clinical foundations to competently perform as radiographers that provide quality patient care, actively participate in the profession, possess the ability to specialize in advanced degree programs and/or imaging specialties, and pursue lifelong learning.

The Associate of Science degree program in Radiography at South College prepares students to become members of the health care team in a variety of settings. Radiologic Technologists must be sensitive to patients’ physical and psychological needs, pay attention to detail, follow instructions, work as part of a team, and demonstrate mechanical ability and manual dexterity. Radiologic Technologists operate sophisticated equipment to help physicians and surgeons, dentists, and other health practitioners diagnose and treat patients.

Locations offering this program:

3904 Lonas Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

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