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BS Health Science (Post PTA)

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Post PTA Degree) program at South College is committed to advancing educational opportunities for those students who have completed an associate level PTA degree. Currently, there are few opportunities nation-wide for students who have earned the PTA degree to have their major curriculum credits earned in a PTA program count toward a bachelor’s degree. Particularly with the state of our economy, this program will save both time and money for those students who desire to continue and earn a bachelor’s degree. Students may desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in order to enhance their marketability for administrative positions in physical therapy or health care environments or to continue after earning the bachelor’s to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. The bachelor?s degree is a requirement for admission to these programs.

As the program is designed as a post-degree program, students will be expected to have earned 121 quarter credit hours or equivalency upon admission to the program. The additional coursework required is 84 quarter credit hours for a total of 205 quarter credit hours for the program. The additional coursework for the bachelor’s degree will require 18 months (provided students are full-time) to earn the bachelor’s degree. The courses will be completed on-campus. The curriculum provides a balance of theoretical and practical coursework that further develops the critical thinking and analytical skills needed in today’s competitive and evolving work environments. Students will be challenged through coursework in various disciplines including science, mathematics, psychology, business, health science, and sociology.

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3904 Lonas Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

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