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BS Legal Studies

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies program is to provide students with a broad academic background in general education, fundamental theoretical legal concepts, and practical applications. This rigorous ABA approved legal assistant education program is designed for the student who clearly shows potential for a career in the legal profession and similar fields.

The coursework emphasizes the development of keen analytical skills and fosters sensitivity to cultural and political history and diversity. Graduates can become contributing members of the legal office in private law firms, banks, insurance companies, title and mortgage companies, governmental and law enforcement agencies, and other corporations. The objective of this program is to provide students, through completion of courses consisting of lecture, practical application, and hands-on computer instruction, with the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing members of a team in the legal environment. The curriculum’s focus on legal theory, application, and critical thinking allow graduates to perform high-level paralegal duties, with the exception that paralegals are not permitted to give legal advice, appear in court, accept cases, or set fees.

Locations offering this program:

3904 Lonas Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

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