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MEd Teacher as Instructional Leader

The Master of Education in Teacher as Instructional Leader curriculum focuses on enhancing candidates’ professional leadership knowledge, skills, commitments, and dispositions to serve as instructional leaders in their schools. The curriculum is sequenced to permit inquiry in to the philosophy, theory, and issues of leadership as candidates extend their knowledge and skills in numeracy and literacy for application and integration into their school curriculum. Candidates build on, modify, and/or create knowledge, skills, commitments, and dispositions as they inquire,problem-solve, and make decisions relative to the curriculum, instruction, and assessment of numeracy and literacy for the enhancement of achievement for all students.

Candidates rely on their expanding knowledge, skills, commitments, and dispositions in leadership and numeracy and literacy as a foundation for their action research project, their personal professional development plan, and their professional portfolio. Candidates’ classrooms serve as the site for conducting action research and collecting work samples for their internships. As candidates progress through the program of study, they develop their personal professional development plan independently and collaboratively with fellow teachers and administrators. The program of study concludes with a practicum experience designed for presentation of the personal professional development plan, action research project, and professional portfolio with work samples documenting methodology in numeracy and literacy that enhance student learning.

The Master of Education in Teacher as Instructional Leader program meets unit, state and professional standards and supports local,regional, and national employment needs.

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3904 Lonas Drive
Knoxville, TN 37909

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